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UBBC holds a full reception in House of Lords

Baroness Nicholson, chair of the UBBC, hosted a well-attended reception for founder members in the House of Lords. Among the many guests, were a number of leading Ukrainian business people from sectors including The Post Office,Energy, Agrictultural, Tech and Logistics and Pharmaceutical industries as well as members of the Ukrainian Embassy. For the UK Lord Risby addressed the audience, with his support for Ukraine and explained the work being done on multilateral war insurance for business across Europe. Christophe Michels, UBBC MD, welcomed everyone and outlined the meetings he had in Kyve in October and the intended visits in 2024, while also inviting companies to join with UBBC and build a strong private sector trade organisation in the way.

IBBC (Homepage - IBBC ( has grown over the years. Baroness Meyer, Trade Envoy to Ukraine explained the UK’s proactive support for Ukraine and the focus of work being done in Poland as an advance station for the Embassy in Kyve. She was supported by members of DBT in attendance.

Founder members included ZHA, Menzies, Serco, SSB and G4S ( pictured) who networked extensively with an additional 40 interested companies in engaging with Ukraine in sectors such as Construction, Energy, Telecoms, Satellite, Banking and electrical systems.

For companies interested in joining UBBC please contact or speak with Christophe and members of the team.

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