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The Ukraine Britain Business Council has as its objectives the facilitation of trade, investment, and the transfer of knowledge through high level partnerships between business and industry in the United Kingdom and in Ukraine.

UBBC achieves these goals by supporting its standards setting member companies and the wider private sector in Ukraine as a whole. It seeks to become the prime business hub between Ukraine in the United Kingdom and aspires to play a predominant role for business in Ukraine globally. 

UBBC is committed to a free and prosperous Ukraine which aims nationally to reach World Bank standards to achieve equal standing with its European partners. UBBC will work closely with Governments and international organisations for the benefit of its members and for overall good of the Ukrainian people.


  • UBBC enables Business opportunities for our members through mechanisms including trade missions, conferences and insight from Ukraine advisory group and Governments.

    We are intent on building a modern democratic UKR with whom our members and UK can do business.

    Engagement with Ukraine will strengthen the country and the western world more generally. 

  • Leverage business expertise and resources of our members in the development of business in Ukraine.

    Convene, educate and share knowledge with the private sector and Government.

    Work in partnership with Governments and businesses

  • Our success is driven by a set of core values that we incorporate in our daily work and corporate culture. We therefore:

    • Believe in the fundamental freedoms and abide to the rule of law.

    • Operate a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption.

    • Encourage good governance and international best practice.

    • Encourage development through education and training.

    • Acknowledge UKR distinguished history and culture.

    • Ensure stakeholder satisfaction through quality.

    • Value people and the environment.

    • Foster continuous improvement.

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