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Menzies Aviation is an independent, time-critical, logistics specialist airport services company.

At more than 200 airport locations across 6 continents, we offer landside and airside services tailored to our customers’ needs; timed to their schedules; and delivered by teams with the knowledge, tools and passion to set standards rather than chase them. Our core services include: Passenger and Executive Services Ramp Handling Cargo Handling Technical Support Fuelling   Our objective is to be the market leader, not in size, but in the quality of aviation services we offer our customers: the undisputed, premium handler in the industry. We believe that our customers in the industry should accept nothing less than excellence, from touchdown to takeoff. For more information visit:


Working with clients that have global reputations for excellence, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) is developing projects that are renowned for their clarity of vision.

Based in London for 40 years, ZHA has redefined architecture for the 21st century with a repertoire of projects that have captured imaginations across the globe. Form and space are woven within the structure of buildings that evolve from their surroundings and tie disparate programmes together. Enticingly contextual, each project combines an unwavering optimism for the future with concepts of connectivity and integration. Receiving the highest honours from civic, professional and academic institutions worldwide, ZHA is one of the world’s most consistently inventive architectural studios—and has been for four decades. These 40 years of research are inscribed within every design. ZHA’s architecture is defined by its democratic attitude, offering generous, articulated public spaces inside and out. The ideology embedded within each design is applied with a light touch as well as principled discipline; engaging the city with an act of attraction rather than imposition. ZHA’s optically rich interiors are built essays in spatial composition. They invite perception so that space becomes personal, owned by all visitors as they interact with each other and the surrounding architecture. Mathematicians acknowledge the purity of ZHA’s formal geometries and fluid lines, but this architecture also engages the senses and captures the eye; creating unrivalled spatial experiences that are clearly organized and intuitive to navigate. Employing advancements in design, material and construction technologies, ZHA is a global leader in the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design, construction and operations of buildings to increase efficiencies as well as significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions. Marrying innovative digital design with ecologically sound materials and sustainable construction practices, ZHA does not look at the disparate parts, but works to understand them as a whole; delivering practical solutions to the defining challenges of our era. Each project by ZHA is the very specific assimilation of its unique context, local culture, programmatic requirements and intelligent engineering—enabling the architecture and surrounding urban fabric to seamlessly combine, in both formal strategy and spatial experience. ZHA works closely with each client to establish new and better ways in which people can use every building. In over 50 award-winning projects around the world, ZHA’s architecture becomes more refined spatially, more efficient structurally, more polished materially, more advanced technologically—and generally more resolved—with each new design. Their clients commission buildings, and ZHA meets the programmes, but ZHA also reads between the lines to exceed each brief and consistently deliver the shared aspirations of a new generation. Collaborating with visionary clients, communities and industry experts on more than 60 on-going projects in 28 countries, ZHA’s hugely talented and dedicated teams of over 400 experienced professionals work with passion and commitment to honour Zaha Hadid’s legacy and deliver transformational projects across the globe. For more information visit:


G4S is the leading global integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security products, services and solutions.

G4S Secure Solutions Iraq (SSI) is an integral part of G4S Risk Management, a specialist risk services company fully supported by the balance sheet robustness and investment capacity, multi-national infrastructure and an unrivalled logistics structure within G4S plc. These support layers ensure we have the depth and agility to respond to your needs, swiftly and effectively. We are agile, adaptable and capable. We are a leading global provider of secure support services, ordnance management, risk consultancy, specialist training and integrated solutions in a range of complex, hostile or remote business environments. We develop long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, tailoring solutions to match changing requirements over time in developing situations. In Iraq, G4S has an unparalleled heritage, providing protective security, stabilisation and post-conflict reconstruction services to government and commercial organisations since 2003. We have been securing the Baghdad International Airport since 2010. We are a Blue Chip security provider operating in compliance with and often exceeding the needs of stringent international standards and Iraqi government legislation. We are legally registered and licensed to operate by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Ministry of Transport (MoT). Our PSC license was renewed in November 2017 and is valid for two years. Receipt of this licence is recognition of the very high standards of compliance maintained by G4S across Iraq in our operations. Our existing clients benefit from our deep understanding of the cultural and commercial complexities of operating here. G4S employs nearly 3000 staff throughout Iraq, of whom 88% are local nationals. We actively train and develop our talented local employees, whose deep local knowledge and expertise is leveraged to pursue the right security solutions for our clients. We are fully committed to supporting economic development in Iraq and see ourselves as a long-term partner, offering world class solutions underpinned by our investment in local staff. Iraq is a challenging but highly rewarding operating environment. We are ready and able to be your security partner of choice in Iraq, ensuring that your staff and assets remain safe and productive throughout the life of a project. Please visit our website for more information


Serco specializes in the delivery of essential public services across defence, transport, justice, immigration and healthcare.

Serco Group plc’s roots go back to 1929, becoming Serco Limited in 1987 and in 1988 was listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Serco is a FTSE top 250 employing over 50,000 people and operate internationally with Serco Middle East based in Dubai and delivering strategic projects across the region since 1947. Serco has a proven track record in successfully delivering projects in Iraq since 2011.  We have a team based in Baghdad supported by staff in Dubai and have setup a local company.  Our emphasis is delivering innovation, operational efficiency and strategic transformation of essential public services alongside training and developing Iraqi Nationals. Case studies in delivering essential public services: Defence.  Serco delivers a full range of professional, technical and management services to SPAWAR to deliver a full range of installation services on board US warships, running staff colleges and provides logistics, repair and base services to Australian, UK, UAE and other nation’s armed forces world-wide. Transport. Serco is the largest non-government provider of air navigation services in the world, including Baghdad International Airport and operates metro and rail services in the region and elsewhere. Justice. Serco provides prison management, rehabilitation, court and prisoner escort services. Immigration. Serco is the world leading provider of border control and immigration services through intelligence, strengthening border controls and people management. Healthcare. Serco provides a range of services including operational management of hospitals and optimisation of patient experience. Serco enables our customers to succeed in delivering to time and budget their strategic aims and objectives. For more information please visit:


Sauerwein & Schaefer Bau AG is a Swiss based international developer, investor and contractor for large scale infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Founded in 1912, SSB AG has developed a range of different projects across multiple sectors with a recent key focus on energy and transport. Together, with crucial strategic relationships developed over the past 100 plus years of successful operation with industry leading experts, SSB AG is able to develop and foster the full life cycle of projects including planning, investment, construction and operation and maintenance. In addition to this, SSB AG is proud to utilise its heritage and understanding of the construction industry to deliver a multitude of diverse projects whilst also drawing on the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal outcomes for all project stakeholders. Service Areas: SSB SAUERWEIN & SCHAEFER offers excellent value in engineering, design, procurement, project management, construction and construction management services. Whilst providing these services, SSB Group attaches the highest importance to environmental and social impact concerns, quality assurance, as well as information management systems. Sectors: Transport: Partnering with our clients we finance, design, build and operate international transport projects to improve safety and connectivity to the regions we serve. Our areas of work include highways, tunnels, bridges, airports and railways. With offices and sister companies located in Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and the UK, SSB AG is well suited to cater for various international transport projects. Energy: From construction of one of the world’s tallest dams, feeding a 670 MW underground hydroelectric plant, to thermal power stations, transmission lines and associated high voltage works, SSB AG provide turnkey solutions to vital energy projects. SSB AG is focussed on providing sustainable, value for money solutions in order to enable large-scale transportation of energy from producer to consumer. Water: The limited supply and ever-increasing demand for water and irrigation in developing countries requires capture, abstraction, transmission and delivery of both potable and untreated water. SSB AG, in conjunction with its sister companies, has constructed large dams with downstream supply to communities and farmers delivering environmental and social economic benefits.

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