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It was founded in 1991 by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne in response to Saddam Hussain’s systematic attacks on his own people. The foundation strives to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and rebuild societies affected by conflict, displacement, and other challenges. AMAR works in the Middle East, and especially Iraq, Romania, Ukraine and Afghanistan to ‘relieve poverty, distress, or suffering in any part of the world.’ AMAR’s main areas of operation are: 1. Healthcare provision: establishing medical clinics, mobile health units, and primary care centres, working to enhance infrastructure, providing essential medications, and delivering vital healthcare services to those in need. 2. Education: recognizing the transformative power of education, the foundation promotes access to quality schooling, building, and refurbishing, schools, supporting teacher training programmes, and facilitating educational initiatives that empower individuals and promote long-term development. 3. Women’s empowerment: actively promoting gender and women’s empowerment, improving women’s access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, providing vocational training and support programmes to enhance women’s skills, independence, and social standing. 4. Psychosocial support: acknowledging the psychological impact of conflict and displacement on individuals and communities, addressing this by implementing psychosocial support programmes, providing psychiatry, counselling, trauma care, and mental health services to help individuals heal and rebuild their lives. AMAR is doing groundbreaking work with the use of singing in choirs for rape victims of ISIS, to restore their humanity and self confidence. 5. Research and advocacy: highlighting the challenges faced by vulnerable communities and raising awareness of their needs through collaboration with governments, NGOs, and international bodies to influence policies and bring about positive change. 6. Policy formulation: bringing together (through the ‘Windsor Dialogues’) government, faith, NGO, academic, and other leaders since 2016, developing long-term strategies for eliminating religious persecution as a driver of forced displacement, shifting global thinking about the global refugee crisis. AMAR is currently working with Ukrainian refugees in Romania Enabling a warm welcome in Maramures, Romania, running summer schools, providing warm clothing and supporting special needs schools and hospitals in Ukraine. With over 30 years in the field, AMAR has developed a robust model for sustaining essential services and securing service delivery structures that is proven to restore health, education, shelter, and livelihoods. A priority is the active promotion of gender and women’s empowerment, enhancing women’s skills, independence, and social standing Administration costs are just 7p in every £1, and fundraising takes just 2p, with an effective, efficient, and low-cost model of using local human capital (doctors, nurses, teachers) to run their own in-country schools and clinics in refugee/IDP camps. Donations : Please contact to discuss projects and support.

AMAR ICF is a prominent charitable organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to, and support for, communities.


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