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UBBC attends the Ukraine investment road show at Royal Overseas league 11/April/24

The roadshow, Invest in Ukraine, held an informative investor event at ROSL, which was well attended by both UK investors and UKR investors.

The event started with a broad overview from several speakers engaged with investment in UKR, including the deputy minister of economy in UKR Oleskii Sobolev, who explained the importance of FDI and exports in filling the gaps in UKR budgets for business and the economy for 2024-25. While the economy is expected to grow 4.6% budgets are tight, but investment from multinationals such as Carlsberg, Bayer, Unilever, are ongoing, with relocations to safe areas of UKR.

Natalia Butkova of Oschadbank (3rd largest in UKR focused on SMEs) said Key sectors of significant growth include food, engineering, healthcare, trade, wood, tech and metallurgy through funds from EIB, EBRD grants, and other loans are keeping liquidity healthy, but while funds for 70% are covered there is still a requirement for local and FDI investment to cover 30% for 24/25.

Andrew Bailey of Oliver Wyman explained the appetite for risk among insurers is challenging, but areas for easing include travel for executives, diversifying safer economic areas, and extensions to port and shipping export insurance to wider sectors beyond grain.

Sergiy Lesynk of FTSERussell, explained that being listed on their index significantly derisks investment for investors. There are three UKR companies listed, but if more can be then it will be easier to receive FDI. Listing is also free to UKR companies currently.

Sergiy Tsivkach of Chicago Atlantic trident investors said that they are focused on real estate and industrial projects, and offer international standards of transparency, governance, and management of folios- so investors can have confidence in investing in housing, including innovative flat pack housing.

James Watkins of LCOC, said his members are helping UKR companies by sourcing products (of high quality) for exports and developing supply chains with UK.

Nazar Chernyavsky partner in law firm Sayenko Kharenko, explained investors are waiting for the war to end, then the three sectors of investor: States, Multinationals, and private investors, will move in, it’s best to get in early to ensure leverage in the upturn – currently private investors have most appetite for investment risk and are currently most active.

Overall, the sentiment was that there is a great deal of opportunity to invest in UKR short and long term in strong sectors, but that insurance cover is hindering larger investors entering the market, for those who do embrace the risk, the returns will be very good, and will be well positioned for the peace.

The session then moved on to hear from 6 different investment opportunity projects in core sectors such as agriculture and food production, construction manufacture, demining, waste, and energy recycling. For more information on investment opportunities contact

Ashley Goodall


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